Oct 7, 2008

Aqua fit and meditation

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Today's extra activities delivered body relaxation. I needed it all day long. And I was thinking of it when sitting in the same position in front of the screen on the spinning chair in my office...

The touch of mineral water on the pool made me feel quite calm and I started to disconnect from the real world...
In the dinstance I heard the instructions of the female trainer who wanted to pushed our tired bodies into the dinamic movements but its reaction was quite automatic.
Like in the army - when the command is being yielded. The full mind was focused on different matters.

I realized that such activities train only fisical body. The energetic and the mind ones are hardly touched...

The most important factor is the consciousness in everything what we do.
But so many times the body is repeating mechanically some routine motions but without understanding it.

What is that?
Are we too busy?
Too lazy?
Or something else is happening to us?

Sometimes it happens that we are living from one day to another without perceiving longer perspectives. We can not "read" the conclusions of what we have done.
We are not able to distinguish future consequences of single events happening to us every day.
That's why we are not delighted ( like children are) with simple things like gorgeous play of colours when sun is setting or clouds' configuration or nice face or anything else...

We are too concentrated on what we "have" to do because ... it needs to be done!
But ... wait a minute!
Is it really a 'must'? Or only the product of our will?
Let's stop and analyze how many of activities we perform each day come from our internal needs and how many we do because we:
- have to
-somebody forced us to do it
-we do it because we feel that only we can do that or... if we do not do it - it won't be done
- we need to be approved/ appreciated/ distinguished/we need to do sth because sb else expects it/ due to tradition/ duties/ etc...

Just think.
And if you conclude that the major part of your causes come from external world and you do not identify with it internally... don't worry!
Then it will mean that you are on the right blog. And when you come here another time you will find more hints regarding the methods of helping yourself to change you towards happier life.

I was in similar position a time ago. After work on myslef I managed to change bad habits and started new life. More consious one.

I learned how to decide by myself.
I discovered it is not so heavy to take 100% responsibility for my life, my anger and my emotions and decisions.
I feel 100% free now.
That is really great feeling.

It is MY life. Nobody else exept me is responsible 4 it.

It is conscious life. Fully consious. I know that my decisions provoke consequesnces. And I am prepared for those.

And it is me who is the President in my is single handed parnership = my life :)
I need to have good conditions with myself. The cooperative ones ;)

And then... the end of my aternoon activities was about to finish...
My body relaxed, mind found its conclusions...
The day was done perfectly!
*** *** ***