Dec 21, 2008


I found out how strong the power of my thoughts is.
I programmised a time ago about some issues important to me. I prioritised them and started to focuse on them (like founding some time and equipment to perform my hobbies and to work in less stressful environment).
And... I started repeating every day some afirmations and imaging desired situations, places, people, coincidences... but I wasn't planning them as I fully trusted my subconscious mind - my intuition.
Whatever is happening "she or it or he" knows what to do and knows what is it leading to.

I stopped elaborating in my mind prospective scenarios of different actions and events. I finally realized there is no point in doing this. As so often my limited mind was not able to catch the sense, to explain to itself why is it happen like this... but after while the point was obvious.
That's why the time should be the best friend...

I am now in a very interesting moment of my existence.
I have many options for my future (at least for the nearest one) regarding business matters and self development...
I am open to new challenges and possibilities. As long as I can learn new abilities and broaden my horizons I am eager to work even hard. If only there is self satisfaction due to health usage of my abilities and skills, good atmosphere and constructive people around - then I feel like a fish in a fresh water!

I am also so happy to execute and perform my ideas in a virtual world.
Actually I am working on some professional photo sessions with the use of "particular" items like artificail hair, angel wings, gun, hats, etc... Ideas, creation is not leaving me for the last couple o weeks.
I feel extremely happy to meet particular people who inspire me and help to work more efficiently on the basis on the potencial of my creative mind. I am very grateful to Aga, Tom & Gnieff for all their efforts in helping my small/big dreams come true!
And I do hope this is a very first step on further way of our reciprocal cooperation!

And I know I attracted those people with the power of my mind :)

Good luck also to you!

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