Dec 30, 2011

consideration of passing 2011/ rozważania na temat mijającego roku 2011

Christmas Time at home. Mountains around

Extra week and a half off at work.


On my way home (Krakow-Jelenia Góra) I am visiting friends and family in Warsaw (where I had stayed for a period of 10 years...).

It's terrible to schedule meetings with friends and close ones, give us limited time for chatting, being together, absorbing common air, atmosphere...but... this is the only reasonable solution to be able to meet them all in one short weekend.
I manage do it.
Then I continue travelling home in excellent mood, strenghtened with the energy of joy, creativity and vitality.

At home I decide to dedicate myself completely into family matters, stay with just beloved ones, experience Christmas time and everything associated with it with 100% engagement.

It means - unfortunately - cessation of my daily rituals connected with eating and excercising.
Here I have completely different conditions and choose to talk with my inmates more instead of focusing on things and activities connected with myself directly ( I think that if I used to do "my rituals" every day or very often - this one week negligence will not change anything).

How greatly mistaken was I!

Second day - contraction of my stomach. But it's passing after 2 hours of drinking hot water.
I understood - I hate creams and have "internal alergy" to them (I am aware how tricky - greasy they are). But they are good. Especially when made by mummy!
Can I refuse her or make her upset?
Of course not! I want her to see me glad and happy when eating her specialties!
It's been a long time since I last was at home...
So I am trying a piece of gingerbread with plum jam and the mass of puddings. Doesn't it sound great?
But my body is always right. Reaction is really sharp and quick.
Fortunately I understand it and hot water saves me from the grief...

In the middle of my stay I become feeling terribly tired.
I am sleeping really many hours and I feel so huge lack of energy.
And this is another signal from my body.
The food you eat is not supplying you with the energy.
You eat empty calories. It doesn't matter how tasty it is for your taste buds.
For internal organs which needs to be fed it's not enough.

What I do not like is that the more lazy time I am passing - the more reluctant to energizing exercises I am becoming.
And after the first degree of Bronnikov method course - I managed to energise myself before work - what increased my energy potential for the whole day!

Listening to my whims ended tragically - I lost the ability to notice when my stomach is full and I was not able to stop eating when I saturated the hunger.
It was really bad - as then you don't have great connection to your body and can't distinguish the subtle differences between the signals it is sending. You don't know when finish eating. You don't feel bad if accepting another portion of carbohydrates you really do not need.
What is it for?

Clean body, as mine was before coming here, reacts drastically to the diet change - horrible fatigue, blunting of the mind, heaviness, slower speech and movements.
I don't feel myself at all.

My creativity is falling asleep. I am started thinking only about every day things like - eating, reading magazines (not so ambitious), watching TV, talking but not too much, going for a walk but not so long and not so strenuous, cleaning dishes, making tidings.
Nothing else.
It's scary.
I realize - that thousands of people can be living similar path of life as I am during in this short period of time...

And it is not so hard to change the habits connected with taking care about the body (food, gimnastics, mental hygiene).
And it brings really great fruits!

In my last day of staying home I got the terrible headake.
It's my first such disease ever.
But I am not looking for the pain killers. I am looking deeply inside of me, listening what my body wants to tell me...
And I got the answer.
The body wants to wash out all toxines and not to take them in excession any more...

A week before leaving for my hometown I am reading a book regarding the word with inner child. The great one. It illustrates how much we stray from our core/ our soul/ our most fragile, creative and energetic part/ our inner child.

If only we are acting not accordingly to the internal convictions then the body sends signals - e.g. the pain. Or it provokes "situations" - we find a book where are hints or ready solution, "incidentally" listen to the program on the radio touching the subject connected to "our" matters, meet a "right" person or have accidents, limbs breakages, etc...
Those cases always have the reason for that to happen.

If you examine the way you are living your life or look at it from the distance - you can find the dependencies between the way you feel inside (frame of mind, mental health) and what is "strange" happening to you from outside. And compare it to the physical well-being.

If the discrepancy is too big - then the internal "scream" is getting bigger and bigger. And you can not shut its mounth by eating pain killers. This works only temporarily.
What I do in such cases - I am trying to talk to myself, find the real reason, analyse it, and change the sourse cosing each state which is not regular to me. I call it - balancing myself on each levels. What helps - it's a peaceful, balanced mind...

For the last 10 years - I learned to know my body pretty well.
I created my own dictionary of meanings of particular illnesses like sore throat, cough, back/neck ache, head ache, migraine, etc...

But each time it can mean something else.
Then its better to come into tone of your body, start speaking with its language - its the only one in which it can communicate with you.

So... I understood that my body protests and doesn't like the break in excersises the body, mind, soul, doesn't accept the quantity of meat meals, lack of groats I used to have every day, doesn't want to eat so many cakes and other not healthy things (and also bad combinations of food groups like carbohydrates + proteins).
They maybe are nice for the palate but have nothing nutritious for our body.
So why do we have to eat them?
Because it is time for it? Because it's Christmas time and we have to eat all those things prescribed by our tradition?
What a nonsense.
Where is the free will?
Why it's not quite to decide what you really want to eat and choose what you really want instead of adjusting to what's served and already cooked by our mothers!

My body needs many days to recover after staying at home at "regular or more Christma" diet only for a week.

Isn't it funny - that when you learn your body asks for what it needs - it will always ask for alimentary stuff but ONLY if you succumb the temptation - then it's cool for this short moment but afterwards it reflects somehow in your body.
The quantity is important as tiny amounts doesn't matter.
But I mean the case when we do things as often as habits.

My remark is - the more easy food you eat (unprocessed food) - the better contact you have with your body. You can diagnose the reason of the pain easily if it appears.
If you eat more chemistry or simply doesn't care what you put inside of you - your stomach (and later on your mind) become sort of garbage. It is much harder then for your body to inform you promptly if there is something wrong. The quality of food affects also the quality of thoughts...So the body is looking for different ways to talk to you. And then the "weird situations" may happen.

..... ..... ....

Coming back to my story and the headache - I was drinking just hot water and put my mind in the state of relaxation - so I managed to fall asleep. In the meantime I awoke and was drinking again hot water with small sips. I felt really very weak, almost like poisoned.
The only thing I could do - was to wait.
The process of cleaning myself took 8 hours - then the pain was gone.
It was 3.30 a.m.
No sensations in my head but ... still 3 kilos to lose.

To avoid the decrease of energy and bad moods - like in winter time - depressions or melancholy - it's so important to keep the discipline and consequence in every day rituals adding you energy and keeping body and mind in good condition.

I will recover but thanks to all of this I have the conclusion that it pays to keep your rules and do only really very tiny concessions.

to be continued...

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